Fill Me In, Prince Royce lancia il videoclip del suo singolo


Il 5 dicembre è uscito il videoclip di “Fill Me In“, il nuovo singolo di Prince Royce tratto dall’album Alter Ego. Precisiamo che non parliamo di un brano bachata ma di un genere pop/dance. Questo sulla falsa riga di altri suoi successi inseriti in questa raccolta doppio cd. I fans del cantante apprezzeranno ugualmente il motivo con immagine dove il rosso la fa da padrone. Una seducente ragazza incanta il protagonista e confeziona il più classico dei tradimenti.

Il suo uomo esce e lei pronta a ospitarlo ad accoglierlo con del vino rosso e vestita di raso nero e pizzo. La loro passione si consuma e il suo uomo vede che lei non risponde al telefono e tante domande che lui rivolge insospettito del tipo “Perché ho visto due ombre muoversi nella luce della camera da letto. Perché sei vestito di nero quando ti ho lasciata vestita di bianco …” o ancora perchè la vasca dell’idromassaggio era accesa e la bottiglia di vino rosso consumata per metà…

Per gli amanti di Royce consigliamo anche altri motivi di Enigma come “Cita” o “Luna Negra“.

fill me in Prince Royce


I was feeling this girl next door
When her man just went out
She called, said “hey boy, come on right around”
So I knock at the door
You was standin’ with a bottle of red wine, ready to pour
Dressed in all black satin and lace to the floor

So I went in, then we sat down start kissing, caressing
Told me about jacuzzi, sounded interesting
So you know we jumped in
He’s calling but you don’t answer the phone
Please leave a message after the tone

If anybody ask baby girl you know we playing cool
They don’t need to know what’s going on between me and you
We were just doing things grown people in love do
And your man try’na figure out just what we were up to

Saying why didn’t you answer my calls last night
Why did I see two shadows moving in the bedroom light
Why you’re dressed in black
When I left you dressed in white
Can you fill me in?
Were you fucking someone else inside our home
Red wine bottle, half the contents gone
Baby tell me why the jacuzzi’s turned on
Can you fill me in?

So whenever the coast was clear and she’d ask me to come out
I’d tell her, “hey girl, come on right around”
So she knocked at the door
I was standing with the keys in my hand to the 4×4
Jumped in my ride, checkin’ that nobody saw
The clubs lit when we went in
So we got down and we bounced to the rhythm
Saw that it was early morning
So we should probably be leavin’
I gave you my jacket for you to hold
Told you to wear it ‘cause you felt cold
I mean me and her, shit, we didn’t mean to break the rules
We weren’t trying to play her boyfriend for a fool
We were just doing things grown people in love do
And her man try’na figure out just what we were up to

Saying why can’t you keep your promises no more
Say you’ll be home by 12, come strolling in at 4
Out with the girls but you leave with the guy next door
Can you fill me in?
Wearing a jacket, who’s property?
Said you was driving but I had your car keys
Something just doesn’t feel right to me
Can you fill me in?

Oh baby
Can you fill me in?

Can you fill me in?

Compositori: Craig David / Mark Hill
Testo di Fill Me In © Warner/chappell Music Ltd